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Quest, death, blood or bones?

Hmm. So - my first post on this site. I'll keep it reasonably short and then you can decide whether you want more or not? (I'll probably keep writing anyway, because that's what writers do - irritatingly).

So, I've written about 150 books - mostly stuff for schools, students, parents etc - helping improve reading and writing skills. Quite a lot of this has been very short fiction and nonfiction, but I'm just finishing a full length mammoth fantasy novel. The title is........well, that's the problem. I don't have one, so I need help.

There's this thing called the random fantasy title generator on the web which throws up random titles like 'Quest for blood' or 'Song of the sword' or 'Dark harp singer'. But, I need one which matches my story. Here's a bit of a summary:

There are three kingdoms: The Folm (above ground); The Core (under ground) and The Arcus (mountain range on edge of the Folm).

A farmer - Proctor- who used to be an elite soldier has a ranch which is going out of business due to drought. The Prince of the Folm offers him a chance at his old job, and to make a secret journey into The Core to escort his nephew who is betrothed in marriage to a young princess, Euradys.

Proctor accepts, and leaves his wife Demala and family behind. But, in The Core are people who don't want the marriage to go ahead including a strange little man called Panope, who is the governor of an underground prison, The Circularium.

This leads to a terrible disaster beneath ground and forces the inhabitants, who include many nomadic, poor people - the Andahar - to seek refuge in the Folm. But the Prince doesn't want them.

Through this is woven a love story between Demala and a young Andahar man who she was brought up with as a child. Just as Proctor disappears on his quest, he turns up after ten years, hoping to right a terrible wrong done to Demala as a child. Who will Demala choose? Her older husband, or childhood sweetheart?

And why does the blood of her own children matter so much to the fate of the Core and the Folm?

So - titles? 'Rise of the Andahar', 'Procter's Quest', 'Demala's Choice'? What do you think?

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