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I've been writing all my life - or helping others to write. I started working life as an English teacher and then left to work as a publisher of educational books for schools and students, but for the last 20 years, I have been a full-time writer, although I still manage and run publishing projects.

My first published work was a poem in a magazine called 'Footnotes.' Later on I developed a whole series of stories and plays called 'On the edge' (published by Folens/OUP)  based around a fictional town called Brightsea with its own interactive map and online games. Since then I have written many more books, including some you can see on this site: non-fiction about weird bugs, dead kings, cunning spies (part of Collins 'Read On' series), and short fiction about talent competitions and ghostly cinemas. I have written lots of school books, too - details of these can be found on my Amazon author page (if you're interested)

In the last five years, three of my short stories have won or been short-listed for prizes. I recently finished a first fantasy novel, 'The Rise of the Andahar' and the second draft of a Young Adult novel, 'The Storm-chasers' Daughter.' I have also written scripts and screenplays as part of Directors' Cut Theatre community. There is more about my work and life in the blog. I hope you enjoy looking at the site and learning more about my writing, and please do get in contact if you'd like to know more at 

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