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Three novels out now!

These three short novels are now available from Delta Publishing. All are for YA readers and have environmental concerns at their heart. In Part of the Tribe a girl finds herself drawn into an eco-action group but it puts her at odds with her father and his work. In The Colour of Truth an unhappy girl called Naz wants to sabotage an artwork by the sea but her friends start to investigate what's going on in her life as they attempt to help her rebuild relationships. The latest title, Caught in the Fire tells the story of a boy trapped by fire in Australia and his mother's fight for respect as a volunteer firefighter.

Cover of Mike Gould's novel 'Part of the Tribe'
Cover of Mike Gould's novel 'The Colour of Truth'
Cover of Mike Gould's novel 'Caught in the Fire'

More non-fiction readers for primary age children

I have three new nonfiction readers out for you. Aimed at primary age children, they can be enjoyed by anyone interested in science, nature and the environment. I'm passionate about these topics - I hope these books will help stimulate further interest in them. Get them through Harper Collins or through Amazon at the links below.

Cover of Mike Gould's primary science reader 'Firenadoes'
Cover of Mike Gould's primary school reader 'Maggots on the Menu'
Cover of Mike Gould's primary school reader 'Amazing Auroras'
Cover of Mike Gould and Sam Gould's book 'The Body in the Car Park'

The Body in the Car Park 


With the release of the film The Lost King my short nonfiction reader written with my son Sam (who's the real history expert), is available from Collins as part of their series 'Read On' for children aged 11-14. Check it out online at: 


Cover of Mike Gould's book 'Zombie Wasps'

Zombie Wasps


Great news! There is now a primary school version of this book available to buy from Harper Collins! Ideal for reluctant readers, I loved working on this gruesome visual book with killer facts and pictures. Also published as part of Collins 'Read on' series.

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