The Sea Beneath Jan 21st 2020

I delivered a short presentation at MSL project's 'creative caucus' in Hastings on Thursday 21st on 'Dungeness and disaster', exploring how potential nuclear accidents would reverberate along the south coast.


The presentation arises out of a long-held interest in the effect of flooding and other forms of environmental damage to the Kent and Sussex coast, which initially led to me writing treatments for a tv or film script called 'Supercell' which didn't get commissioned, but has been on the back burner ever since.

Popular science for primary schools - news!

I have just delivered manuscript of 'The Amazing Aurora' to Harper Collins for publication next year. It's a short reader for children aged around 8-9 years old and explains how the northern and southern lights are created.

It was fantastic to have the science checked out by the brains at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Looking forward to seeing the book in print next year!