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Caught in the Fire 

Caught in the Fire, my third short novel for Delta Publishing, has just been published, following hot on the heels from The Colour of Truth. While the latter told the story of a girl planning to sabotage a seaside mural as she suffered from home problems, the latest title addresses much wider, global concerns - namely our warming temperatures. The novel focuses on the wildfires that have swept Australia in recent years and one boy's attempts to escape them. It shares similar themes to my YA novel (yet to be published) called The Storm Chasers' Daughter and is another work which focuses on my interest in the climate crisis, also seen in my Big Cat primary book called Firenado.

Cover of Mike Gould's novel 'Caught in the Fire'

Science for primary schools; English for secondary!

Check out all four 'Big Cat' titles which are now available from Harper Collins for primary age readers: 'The Amazing Auroras' ,'Zombie Wasps', 'Fire-nado', about wildfires around the world, and 'Maggot on the Menu', about the taste for insects as food.

Very excited to see these hit primary school classrooms!

I've also just completed some English Progress Test books for international students following Cambridge's Lower Secondary curriculum - more on those soon!

Cover of Mike Gould's book 'Maggots on the Menu'
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