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The Colour of Truth and Caught in the Fire 

My short novel for Delta Publishing has just been published. Called The Colour of Truth it tells the story of troubled Naz who plans to sabotage a new artwork by the sea. But her friends wont abandon her and perhaps something beautiful can emerge from the sadness.


I'm working on a new novel for Delta called Caught in the Fire. This is still in draft form but focuses on the wildfires that have swept Australia in recent years and one boy's attempts to escape them. It shares similar themes to my YA novel (yet to be published) called The Storm Chasers' Daughter. It tells the story of abandoned teen, Leila, who gets caught up in the Californian wildfires, and then in a cult called the Hive, before teaming up with local forest girl, Bear, to prevent a terrorist act.

More popular science for primary schools!

Hot on the heels of 'The Amazing Auroras' and 'Zombie Wasps' just published by Harper Collins, two further titles have just been published. These are 'Fire-nado' - a book in the same series, but about wildfires around the world; 'Maggot on the Menu', about the taste for insects as food.

Very excited to see these hit primary school classrooms!

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