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Author Mike Gould
Scripts, stories and verse - my writing life...

If there's a story to be told, I'll tell it in whatever medium works.


I write short novels, non-fiction, scripts and screenplays, working with publishers such as Harper Collins, CUP and many others. I run workshops in schools, colleges and in other settings. I also love writing poetry - with many poems anthologised in schoolbooks and in other sources.  It's not difficult to be inspired. Here, living near the site of one of the country's greatest battles in 1066, I'm surrounded by stories both real and imagined.


I look forward to sharing them with you here on

or through my You Tube channel

Mike Gould Scripts

I also work as an educational author creating textbooks and resources for students and teachers and working to support literacy in schools. Get in contact if you'd like help in that area, too.


Catch up on my latest work, read my blog, and feel free to contact me.


Mike Gould



'Any students interested in history should find it an engaging and informative read.'

Naomi Hursthouse, Head of English, West Sussex, UK (on 'The Body in the Car Park')


'Norman's Bay captures the dark, comic heart of age and loss perfectly'


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